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Regenerative Retrofit: California’s First Living Building

Regenerative Retrofit: California’s First Living Building

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Regenerative Retrofit: California’s First Living Building tells the story of the Arch Nexus Sacramento building, a 1950s-era warehouse that has been transformed into California’s first certified Living Building. Located in Sacramento’s bustling R Street Corridor, Arch Nexus SAC produces more energy than it consumes, relies solely on captured rainwater, and exemplifies resilient design that connects people to nature and the human community.

Regenerative Retrofit chronicles a design process rooted in biophilic relationships to place and the collaboration among a stellar team of architects, engineers, builders, and artists who together created a resilient low-carbon solution to today’s climate challenges. It also highlights the critical role of “high-performance occupants” who, as stewards of Living Buildings, can make a significant impact on how the building performs.

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